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Bethanee is a passionate public speaker who has spoken on human rights issues across New England since 2008, as well as, spoken at women’s conferences, and churches throughout the U.S. She has traveled internationally for orphan care, was a licensed foster parent for 4 years, is a wife and a mom to 6 children, including adopted twins. Prior to the twins’ birth, Bethanee was actively committed to the abolition of human trafficking and the protection of women, children and pre-born babies. She was serving as the Director of New Hampshire Traffick Free Coalition, a coalition focused on combating human trafficking. After a three year sabbatical to raise the twins, in January of 2019, she stepped back in, again, as the Director of New Hampshire Traffick Free to continue to fight these atrocities. Bethanee is also the Founder and Executive Director at ExPOSE, tackling the porn industry by aiming for our children’s eyes and hearts, creating a new curriculum training parents and teaching children how to look away from bad pictures and videos and training them how to love and respect others and themselves by doing so. Bethanee also previously served as the president of the New Hampshire chapter of Run For Freedom and is currently on the board of directors for 2 organizations.

Bethanee grew up in Seattle, Washington, went to college at the University of Maine, and has resided in New Hampshire since 1998. Bethanee also home schools her children and was a co-founder of a large home school co-op in New Hampshire.

In her free time she enjoys reading, listening to pod casts, traveling and spending time with friends. She also enjoys playing board games, hiking, and swimming all with her family.

Bethanee is available for speaking engagements and can be reached here.

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