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“I was so happy to receive my copy of your book! There were so many things that made me realize that God is always with us – that He loves us and cares for us. This one statement speaks volumes to me, “There is a great strength that comes from God. He is the only Comfort who can provide you with the peace you need in hard times.”

“Your story really is amazing and yet heartbreaking. I could actually feel the pain you went through, even though I’ve never been through it. Your style of writing certainly added to my feelings. It also made me more aware of how and what to say or do to someone – something as simple as a hug or asking “What can I do to help you?” Through all the struggles and heartache you never gave up on your faith in God that is amazing!”

I don’t typically do something like this, but I felt compelled to share with you perhaps because your story really touched me and after reading it I felt like I knew you through your story. I also live nearby and grew up in the area in New Hampshire. I saw a post on a local social media page a few weeks ago advertising the upcoming release of your book, Mustard Seed Faith, and I immediately added it to my Amazon cart, anxiously awaiting until 5/21. I finished the book in two nights of receiving it! A little side note, I’m a teacher and love reading and sharing children’s literature, but it takes a really good book for me to read something that quickly for pleasure outside of work. I wanted to personally thank you for sharing your heart felt story and life experiences in the book. Your story spoke to me and tugged at my heartstrings big time. The timing of reading this book in my own life couldn’t have been more perfect, coincidence or not. My husband and I have been dealing with infertility for the last few years while trying a couple different fertility treatments leading up to our next steps where we will try our first IVF cycle this summer. As we both know there is nothing one can do to plan ahead for dealing with the ups and downs involved with infertility. At times over the last few years we’ve felt alone and isolated from friends and family not for lack of support from them, but because we’ve kept our journey pretty private by choice. Your book has given be a new sense of hope and restored my faith. I admire you for your strength and strong faith despite all the ups and downs in your story. You have a beautiful family and your kids and family are lucky to have you. I can only hope that I am able to emulate that strength and faith as I continue my journey to having children. Thanks for allowing me to share.

“Mustard Seed Faith is Bethanee Syversen’s powerful book of hope, disappointment, joy and faith as she and her family traveled the long road through infertility and failed adoptions. It’s a beautiful portrait of the faithfulness of God to this family as moment by moment they yielded their wills to His will and His plan in spite of those who just couldn’t understand their continual pursuit of the dream He had given them. I cannot adequately express the power of this book to encourage anyone to believe God for what He has promised even when it looks like He can no longer be heard or found. This book goes beyond the boundaries of infertility and adoption and will encourage you on in your walk with the Lord.” “I just finished your book as a adoptive momma and woman with infertility your book was amazing. I resonated with SO much of it. As a relatively newer follower of Jesus I thrives on your discussions and accounts of God and how he showed up and taught you many lessons. I can’t wait to go back and write down many of the verses you shared. Thank you for sharing your journey. I’d love to continue to follow your inspiration and your love for Jesus.”

“My heart was breaking and rejoicing for you and even feeling an ounce of that empathy brought me to tears. I am in awe of your perseverance and love.”

 “Tears. Thank you, Bethanee, for sharing your own journey of heartache and loss as a way to encourage others experiencing their own pain. Whether it’s the pain of infertility, miscarriage and the difficult road of foster and adoption–or loss in other ways–your story is an inspiration to us all. Your courageous determination is an encouragement to everyone who reads this book.” “Bethanee’s story is one that will impact you no matter where you are in life. Her own experiences of loss, hope, perseverance, desperation and joy connect with all of us in meaningful and powerful ways, whether or not we’ve gone through infertility, miscarriages or the foster and adoption journey.” “Such a powerful, moving story of personal heartache and loss interwoven with desperate hope and joy.” “What a beautiful, heart-wrenching, moving, hope-giving account! I believe God is going to use this book to encourage many women.”

“It’s beautiful. I know this book is going to bless a lot of people. It sure blessed me.”

“I’ve never read a book cover to cover in my entire life, but I couldn’t put this book down. I devoured it in just 2 days.”

“A truly open and honest story to give others out there strength and hope who are going through similar heartache. Thank you for sharing since it’s a topic that is still not openly talked about, yet so many are going through it alone. It is wonderfully written, and a fast read! It also has great points on how to support those we love from the outside looking in.”

“This book was such a good read! I was finished in just a few nights because their story drew me in so much that I just wanted to continue reading to find out how Bethanee and Jason’s story would end. Sadness, fear, hope, love and faith all told through one couple’s journey with infertility, miscarriages, adoption and faith and their reasons for never giving up. Whether you’ve dealt with infertility or are currently dealing with it, please take the time to read this to be reminded you are not alone and faith can move mountains!”

“I was in awe of this book. Deeply touched. Brought to an understanding of faith that was beyond me. Family and friends are such a blessing. No one has ever walked in someone’s shoes. What a amazing journey.”

“Have a box of tissues handy as you get pulled into this great read. The author’s well-written account gives detailed clarity and raw emotions to the roller-coaster that is infertility, miscarriage, and the adoption process. Through it all, even the darkest of days, God gave her the faith to press on to see His mighty plan for her family fulfilled. I especially appreciated her helpful hints on how to handle these situations in a loving and supportive way with friends and family who are in the midst of these struggles.”

“This book is full of pictures of God’s faithfulness in the hard journey of infertility, miscarriages, and adoption. Bethanee bravely shares the raw moments of their journey, and yet how God carried them and walked with them each step of the way. Definitely a story you will want to read. I really enjoyed the Helpful Hints sprinkled throughout that are simply that…if you are walking a similar journey or know someone that is currently.”

“Bethanee did a great job in detailing all of the emotions that she experienced in those difficult years of attempting to have a family, both through ordinary means and adoption. Throughout the book, she stressed God’s faithfulness to His children when dealing with major, as well as minor, difficulties. Through God’s grace, mercy and faithfulness, she and her husband managed to create a beautiful family despite all of the difficulties they encountered in the process. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who might be struggling with these same issues as it would be a great encouragement to them.”

 “This book reveals God’s faithfulness to lead, guide, support, comfort and strengthen Bethanee as she walks through a painful journey of infertility, miscarriages, and adoption. Through her story, God reveals what can happen when we take Him at His Word and refuse to let go of the promises He has given us. It will encourage anyone no matter what circumstances they face.”

“This was a lovely read. Bethanee’s description of her joy and heartache increased my empathy and understanding for so many of my friends and family who’ve experienced similar challenges. Her advise on how to support each other through hard times, with love, is especially helpful. I’m walking away from this story with a better understanding of how to care for my friends, and myself, and I’m grateful for that. I’ll be thinking about this book for a long time.”

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