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Take Meticulous Notes

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Are you thinking of starting a family? Or are you at the beginning stages of starting a family? Then this blog post is for you!

Typically speaking, unless you already have a known medical condition like one of the ladies who read my book, Mustard Seed Faith, and reached out to me with her story, a doctor will not begin the process of determining why you aren't conceiving unless you've been trying to conceive (TTC) for at least a year.

Once you go into a fertility specialist, the first steps they will take are typically the beginning, baby, non-invasive steps. Mine started with simple questions that were hard to swallow like, “Do you know about the female cycle and how conception happens within that cycle?” or, “Have you tried timed intercourse?”

These questions seemed like an insult to my intelligence, but the truth they probably see is that some women may not know those things. I did and we had, but because I had no notes to prove the months of charting, basal body temperature readings, ovulation test strip results, timed intercourse, etc, they made me start from the beginning. It was disheartening because we had already been TTC for a year and I was ready to get the process jump-started, but they made me jump through hoops that otherwise I would not have had to do had I come in prepared.

Start charting. There are wonderful apps out there like Glow Period, Fertility Tracker ( now that didn't exist when we began TTC in 1999. There is a wealth of information on the internet that can explain how to do each method and then printable charts as well (if you choose not to use an app.) Track your cycles and every single thing you did each month to conceive.

If you're successful in conceiving then you at least have a much clearer picture of your cycle. If you've had no success, on your first appointment with your doctor or the fertility specialist, hand them every single note you've taken. It's invaluable for them to have and invaluable for you to have as the only (and major) tool in your toolbox.

Was this helpful? Let me know what you're using and how it's helped you. Leave a comment so other readers can compile a strong list of resources and together we can celebrate in that Big Fat Positive (BFP)!

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